New Meaning to the term “Public” Toilet

Although a recent (and welcome) phenomenon in the USA, public toilets and urinals have been a fixture in many European countries for many decades. When WW I broke out in 1914, there were over 4000 pissoirs on the streets of Paris, for example.

But the USA is catching up, and being a technologically innovative country, we've come up with some interesting examples, such as this public toilet in Houston, Texas. It boasts a sleek mirrored-glass exterior that reflects the surroundings and thus does not draw attention to itself.


The surprise comes after you step inside. This public toilet requires an enormous act of faith on the part of the user, because the walls, although indeed made of mirrored glass, happen to be ONE-WAY mirrors, giving the user this startling view from inside:


My guess is that it takes a very confident man or woman to use this facility ??? or an exhibitionist. And it certainly proves that some Industrial Designer has a sharp sense of humor.


2 responses

  1. Public toilet for exhibitionists in Houston!

  2. Do you shut the bathroom door even when you’re home alone? Then you won’t like this toilet???

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