Voice Recognition Software: Not there quite yet.

I use GoogleVoice, which captures voicemails left at my GoogleVoice phone number, and sends a transcription (computer generated) of the Voicemail to my email inbox (plus the actual audio file).

Sometimes the transcription is a little “off”. Below, the text of a voicemail message from Carolyn Kirk, Mayor of Gloucester, Massachusetts (sent via the “Code Red” alert system), about our continued Snow Emergency and parking ban. Shaded words indicate text that the software is not sure of. The boldface and underscoring is mine.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need go and splash on some good men’s cologne (and put on my pajamas, per the Mayor’s order).… 

Voicemail from: (866) 419-5000 at 12:21 PM
Google Voice
Good afternoon, This is Maher Carolyn, Kirk with an important message from the city of gloster is go to bed. Emergency messaging systems cities Director of Public Works has requested that the parking damps be extended until 6 AM tomorrow morning blowing snow has made it necessary to continue smell Paul Operations well into the overnight hours. All vehicles are banned from parking on city streets until 6 AM tomorrow, Monday, December 21st, violators of this emergency declaration are subject to to getting in telling the orders expense residents may park in public school and municipal parking lot. All residence are also reminded that they are responsible for clearing snow from side boxed adjacent to the property. Also, per city ordinance residence shell not throw snow back into streets. When shoveling snow blowing or plowing their property inside parks your cooperation during this parking than is necessary for a position in safe snow removal efforts to repeat the city of gloster has extended the parking P. M on all city streets until 6 AM Monday, December 21st. Thank you for listening. Drive safely and. This concludes this message.
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  1. The City of Gloucester is sniffing me, evidently.

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