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Over-The-Top Vanity

A woman who spent over $360,000 to make herself look like the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti (well, look like the famous sculpture portrait of her anyway).?????


A woman who spent $16,000 to transform herself into the cartoon character "Jessica Rabbit".?????

A woman dying of a brain tumor who spent over $40,000 on surgery so she could die looking like Demi Moore.?????

A man who spent over $5,000 to make himself look like "the Devil", complete with cleft tongue…??A Chinese woman surgically transforming herself into the image of her husband's late wife (and no, the result won't look like Kim Novak in Vertigo").??

Collectively, the cost of these vanities is nearly $1,500,000.?? Money that of course could have been spent on alleviating hunger or poverty, saving endangered animals, helping protect the environment, buying books for a school, endowing a scholarship program ??? instead of making a few pathetic and self-obsessed ??humans look even more pathetic.??

Detailed Story at ??


Haiti’s Suffering Due to “Deal With The Devil”?

I am re-posting this recent comment from the “News Junkie Post” blog, including the Keith Olbermann video commentary that was included, whcih gives some important context. I can’t say it any better than Keith, so I won’t try. For the details about the “deal with Devil” struck by Haiti, watch the video.


A low-life left this comment on one of our articles about the tragedy in Haiti:

“I hope they secure the US border, I don’t want any of these refugees to sneak onto [sic] the country, they already live like animals, a lil’ earthquake won’t make matters any worse. Tell your congressman, no money to Haiti – America first, we need the money more than they do.”

Where did this guy get his anti-Haiti sentiment from? Rush and Pat, of course.

Assholes who believe that Rush and Pat are right by saying that Haiti “doesn’t need our help,” actually deserve what Keith Olbermann had to say here:

Henry Ford’s 1926 “Snow-Motor”

For your viewing amazement, a demonstration film (silent) from 1926, of Henry Ford's "Snow-Motor". This tractor uses large pontoons that operate like giant Archimedes Screws to propel the tractor over very deep snow. The short film also demonstrates the towing capability of the machine by showing it haul a large pallet of cut logs over snow without bogging down.

A still from the video (the link to the video is below):


Let me repeat: this is from 1926.

Ford's "Snow-Motor"

A Fantasy Escape from Cold Winter

I would be hard pressed to dream of a more appealing invitation right now. But then, I’m not fond of skiing and that sort of thing.…

BTW, this may play better (including the music) if you click the “download” button and open in PowerPoint.



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