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A Poem to Introduce Birthday Books

For my daughter's recent birthday, I chose a variety of books, from a Harlan Coben thriller to an overview of 20th Century philosophy, to a compendium of the 500 greatest films ever made.??

The poem that accompanied this literary (and not so literary) collection went as follows:??

"A thriller by Coben,

A John Updike Coven;

Deep thinkers by Russell,

Great films by the bushel,

A novel applauded

And Pulitzer-lauded:

This book potpourri

Was picked carefully

As a gift for my daughter

To balance Harry Potter!"??


Orwell’s “1984”in the Age of Social Media

Had George Orwell written “1984” today, might his bleak world of the future, where the only free expression of  thought was internal, have been turned into something less sinister and despairing? From that alternate version, I give you the final brief meeting of Winston Smith and Julia (Part III, Chapter 6)???.

“They sat down on two iron chairs, side by side but not too close together. He saw that she was about to speak. She moved her clumsy shoe a few centimetres and deliberately crushed a twig. Her feet seemed to have grown broader, he noticed. 

‘I unfollowed you,’ she said baldly. 

‘I unfollowed you,’ he said.” 

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