Suffering from Electile Dysfunction?


You’ve reached the age when you think you’ve learned a thing or two. This is the age of pretending to know what needs to be done. So why would you let a thing like Electile Dysfunction get in your way? 

Isn’t it time you talked to Karl Rove about “LIe-Aggra” (Lie-Aggravate®)? 20 zillion wanna-be candidates already have. 

With every campaign comes responsibility: ask your Campaign Manager if your heart is big and strong enough for being President of 300 million Americans, many poor and struggling. Do not take Lie-Aggra if you already take unlimited PAC money for campaign contributions, as this may cause an unsavory drop in perceived moral standing. 

Side effects of Lie-Aggra may include back-pedaling, hypocrisy, upset voters and an abnormal lack of clear Vision. To avoid long-term injury to your place in history, seek a consultant’s help for a Presidentlal election bid lasting longer than a decade. Stop taking Lie-Aggra and call the Senate Minority Leader right away if you experience a sudden decrease in or loss of policy consistency or moral clarity. 

This is the age of exploiting factions. Talk to your campaign contributors and see if ultra-conservative America’s most self-righteous and nasty political platform is right for you. 


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