Israel Government shows that they’re real assholes. again.

Israel’s new housing minister promises “many, many more” settlers

(via APN – Americans for Peace Now)March 18, 2013On the eve of Barack Obama’s first visit to Israel as President, and shortly before being sworn in, Israel’s new Minister of Housing and Construction indicated over the weekend that he intends to build in West Bank settlements in a way that would make the creation of a Palestinian state impossible.

In an interview with Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth, Minister Uri Ariel of Habayit Hayehudi (The Jewish Home) gave a preview of his agenda as the cabinet minister responsible for settlement planning and construction by stating: “There can be only one state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea—Israel.” Ariel is the former Secretary General of the settlers’ Yesha Council and one of the leaders of the ideological settlers’ movement. He is one of Israel’s most hawkish Knesset members.Ariel told the interviewer that he believes West Bank settlements ought to include both large towns and smaller settlements, presumably in the depth of the West Bank, indicating that he intends not only to strengthen the so-called “settlement blocs” adjacent to the Green Line, but also the distant settlements deep inside the West Bank.

Asked what about the fate of the Palestinians who live in the West Bank once Israel annexes it, Ariel replied: “They will receive autonomy.” The interviewer asked: “And what if they don’t want that?” Ariel’s reply: “What matters is what we want. Not because we want to hurt them, but rather because that is what is good for the State of Israel.” Asked about his goal of increasing the number of settlers in the West Bank, Ariel said: “Today there are 360,000 and I want for there to be many, many more.”

Ariel dismissed potential pressure within the newly formed coalition to pursue peace negotiations with the Palestinians as “difficulties in the matter of the peace process.” He projected, however, that “there will be a lot of talk and very few facts on the ground” in terms of pursuing peace with the Palestinians.


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